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MTNL provides broadband internet services in Mumbai and Delhi . It has been advertising these services extensively and if you have only partial information,  you are tempted to use their services.  Some of their plans have zero monthly rental , others offer 400MB download for "only Rs 199" (+ hidden charges). MTNL Triband seems to have a long waiting list of  1 month as of  July 2006. Booking can be done by calling their toll free number 1500

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Being a government organization, they usually give an acknowledgement for all payments made. They also have a number of exchanges in various parts of Mumbai, unlike other broadband providers like Tata Indicom,Sify and Hathway.

MTNL Triband plans are basically for those who use the internet for chatting, webmail and other entertainment purposes. If you use the internet for serious work ( to earn money) , the download limit is very low unless you can stay wake at night and use their Night Unlimited plan.

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In addition to the monthly rental charges for the internet connection, you also have to pay the modem rental charges of  Rs 80 per month. You can purchase your own modem, but then if there is any problem, MTNL will say that there is problem with modem you own, not with their connection. The D-link 502T router/modem can be used with MTNL Triband. With a bill and warranty the modem costs Rs 2450 at Lamington Road, Mumbai as of  December 2011.  MTNL ADSL Triband user experience in Mumbai. Modem settings will be informed by MTNL staff. As of August 2006, some dealers are offering the modem for Rs 1750 with delivery charges extra.  


MTNL triband also does not allow POP3 access for other ISPs (according to MTNL website). For example, if you have a VSNL account for several years, most of  your contacts will be sending mails to your VSNL email id.  You will not be able to download the emails using  the MTNL Triband connection. You will have to use your dialup connection for this purpose - spending additional money for the phone bill - Rs 1.2 every 3 minutes + ISP charges

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Outlook Express/Outlook is very useful for downloading mails to your computer hard disk . If you have a Triband connection, the only account you can use is an MTNL email account  - which has a very small storage space only 4 MB.  Also the antispam software used by MTNL blocks,  all emails from VSNL, which is largest ISP in India.  Gmail works with ISPs like VSNL and Roltanet, but sometimes it gives an error - daily sending limit exceeded , even if you have sent only 10 emails that day. Currently no ports are blocked, but this can change any time. Email accounts with MTNL in Mumbai have an email id while users from Delhi have email id  

Since this is a new technology, the engineers/technicians from MTNL handling this are not very proficient. Based on feedback on other websites, their customer support cannot understand and solve major technical problems quickly. Some users of MTNL broadband  have complained in various forums that the billing software is incorrect, you may be charged for downloads  not done by you.  Since you pay usually Rs 1 per additional MB download, the bill can even exceed the dialup bill.


For the ADSL technology used by MTNL,  the download speed depends on the distance from the telephone exchange and the speed can decrease drastically if the telephone cable length is more.  Hence it is recommended that you  take a MTNL triband connection only if you are within a 3km radius of the telephone exchange. The distance will depend on the cable routing  . The greater the distance from the exchange, the lower the speed you get, but the monthly charges remain the same. MTNL has also indicated this in the technical support documents.

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If  you are using the internet for important work and cannot afford any downtime, it is better to continue with their internet dialup phone. This is technology is more than 10 years old in India and technical staff in MTNL and VSNL can solve most dialup problems in a few days. MTNL indirectly admitted that this was the best option for really unlimited  internet access, when they doubled the rates from Rs 700 to Rs 1400 per month. Unfortunately, they are have stopped accepting new bookings. MTNL Delhi  offers unlimited data transfer for Rs 950 for broadband connections (from June, 2006) but MTNL Mumbai does not offer this option. Troubleshoot and fix your computer problems

 However they have a toll free number 1500 and the customer support (in Hindi and Marathi in Mumbai) does try to help you and you can also dial 198 to register your complaint. If you have a broadband connection which uses DSL technology, the effect of  disturbance ( crackling noise) will be worse. The software MTNL uses for measuring downloads is not 100% accurate, and subscribers using the Night Unlimited Plan are often  incorrectly billed thrice, if they do not disconnect just before 12 midnight. They have now officially included this warning on their website.


Some subscribers have reported differences in downloads measured by Net Meter and MTNL software

You cannot hope for the software to be corrected soon or competent technical support from India's 2nd largest ISP (or any other ISP) , since all the better engineers who remain in India  do an MBA in finance to earn huge salaries

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