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Since we will not be meeting our vendors personally or discussing on phone, we will only consider applications from persons who have registered in our forum (FREE) and have made more than 25 posts

This will help us find out if the person is likely to do the work sincerely

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Data entry

For our data entry work, you should have good English typing speed with high accuracy. The work involves entering the advertisements for various products with prices , which appear in the local newspaper in a text file.  All the information in the advertisement will have to be entered. We are not interested in tender notices.

The procedure is as follows

1. Send us the following information by email :

 a. City in which you stay  and name of the newspaper/ magazine which you receive regularly .  Please specify the edition of the paper also, for example The Hindu, Chennai edition

b. Send your name, address, educational qualification and  work experience if any


2. There are many  advertisements in the local newspapers (proof may be required) of various products . Most newspapers carry advertisements of various products with their features and prices.  You have to type these in a text file and send to us.

Dealer, contact information is to be included  (for all the dealers listed)

It is  entered in text file.

The product/service categories are:

1. Computer hardware and software

2. Consumer electronics - TVs, washing machines, microwaves

3. Mobile phones and accessories

4. Pharmacy/medicine products

5. Auto parts only

6. Travel services

The text file should include company name, product description, unit of measurement, product features, price and  date of advertisement , name of newspaper/validity of price list . for example


      Description                                                                              Price (in Rs) 

       Compaq Presario Desktop model SG1008IL                          Rs 25000 per unit

        AMD Athlon, 128MB RAM, 40MB HDD, scroll mouse

Free : HP printer

The newspaper will have dealer information in the following format:

Dealer : Mumbai : Fort  : XYZ electronics :phone no. 23334567 , Dadar: Best electronics , 77888867


We want the information in format below

Dealer : Mumbai : Fort  : XYZ electronics : , Dadar: Best electronics

phone no. 23334567,  77888867

All phones should be on a separate line. This is important


If  product description, company name, unit of measurement, product features, price and  date of advertisement , name of newspaper are not provided, the work will be rejected.

We may require proof of correctness of data, before releasing payment.

We will pay Rs 25 for every 1000 words typed , depending on the quality of the work, with penalty for incorrect work.

Please note we will pay per word not per character.

The number of words can be counted using MS word.( go to tools, select word count)

Please send a sample typed text file  by email  to check if you are suited for the work. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, please resend the price list  till you get a reply.


If  the quality of  the sample text  file is acceptable , you can start work immediately.


3. After 20/01/2006, we will check all submissions and asked the short listed individuals to send the data.

If we do not receive a reply from the short listed individuals, we will consider that the person is not interested.

You will have to send the typed advertisement text file by email every 2 days . The email should also contain s summary of the number of words  in the file and description of the ads.

For incomplete work , i.e. if  product description, unit of measurement, product features, price and  date of advertisement , name of newspaper are not provided, the work will be rejected.

We will send an acknowledgement  for every file we received and payment due.


4.  We will not pay for duplicate information - the same product  should not be repeated. Please maintain an separate text file with all your submissions


5 We will sent payment by Money Order after the balance in your account reaches Rs 400


6.  If you unable to send the file due to personal reasons, please inform us by email.  This  will help us arrange for a vendor for the duration of your 'leave'

If no email is received from you for 7 days, we will assume you are not interested in working for us.  We will deduct Rs 20 for every day we do not receive information from you, from the  payment due to you. This  is because we are unable to make alternate arrangements.

We have had a bad experience with a vendor from Kerala - who after confirming that they would start working has not bothered to reply to our emails for nearly one week.

There is no deduction if you have informed us about your leave in advance.


7. We will be appointing only one person per area/newspaper. If you have sent a sample list before, you only have to reconfirm that you are still interested  and send the details specified in point 1 above.  If we choose to terminate your work, we will give you 2 days notice and send the payment due.  We expect  a very high accuracy in work done.


8. All correspondence will be through email only. Since we are paying successful vendors , we cannot afford to meet anyone personally or discuss on phone. We have very few vacancies and have hundreds of applicants, so please check  Latest work from home jobs, data entry for Indians

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