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Your resume is your advertisement to employers. Since employers receive thousands of resumes, you should write yours so that it stands out and you get the job you want.

 Guidelines for writing a resume

1. Your resume should have your complete contact information including  your email address, and  phone number(s) to contact you with timings when you are available .
2. Also include your educational qualification, work experience, any related  interests, achievements, and skill sets. For your work experience, you should not just  list your job descriptions. You should also indicate what you have accomplished, using action verbs.
3. If you already have a job, indicate time required to join the new job. If you are looking for your first job or are applying in a different industry,  you may also want to specify your objectives.
4. For different  professions there are different styles of  writing a resume. 

  Sample resume format for different professions from Resume Resource

  Sample resume formats for Sales, Finance, Technology, Healthcare and Engineering jobs from Monster

5. Keep the language of  the resume simple, without  abbreviations and jargons.

6.For  less than 10 years of experience, limit your resume to a single page.

7. If you want to use a standard  resume template, it will be available with Microsoft Word loaded on your PC .

 They have it under file --> new --> new from template --> other documents --> 3 types of resume - contemporary / elegant / professional resume.

They also provide a resume wizard, where enter information and a complete resume is generated.  You can make some modifications to personalize it

Yahoo! Hot Jobs also has a resume builder.

Your name should be included on all pages and you should use conservative colours

8. Use Arial or any other easy to read font. Information should be well spaced out.

9. You should not include personal information  like height, weight unless specified.

10. Along with your resume, you should also send a cover letter which should be customized for the particular job. If you are sending the resume by email, the cover letter should be in the body of the email, since opening a number of attachments is inconvenient.

11. When sending the resume, it should send as an MS word or text files since MS office is widely used. If you have a Linux PC, convert it into a text file. 

12. You should keep 2 ASCII/plain text resumes ready while applying for jobs - one suitable for emailing and the other for posting to online forms.  Since people use different email programs, the email able version should have forced line breaks at 65 characters or less. The version for posting to online forms should have no forced line breaks

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