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Tata Indicom Broadband has an advantage that VSNL introduced  internet in India and VSNL dialup has the largest number of  subscribers in India . They have introduced various broadband packages - prepaid and postpaid for different durations and amounts . Tata Indicom broadband is available in Ahmedabad ,Aurangabad ,Bangalore ,Baroda ,Bhopal ,Calicut ,Chandigarh

 Chennai ,Cochin ,Coimbatore ,Delhi ,Goa ,Guntur ,Gurgaon ,Hyderabad ,Indore ,Jaipur ,Kakinada ,Kolhapur ,Kolkata

Lucknow ,Ludhiana ,Madurai ,Mumbai ,Mysore ,Nagpur ,Nasik ,Nellore ,Noida ,Pondicherry ,Pune ,Rajamundry ,Salem Surat ,Secunderabad ,Tirupati ,Tirupur ,Trichur ,Trichy ,Trivandrum ,Vellore ,Vijayawada ,Vizag ,Warangal (Postpaid package)

Prepaid packages are  available in  Ahmedabad, Bangalore,Chennai,Cochin,Coimbatore,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kolkata, Mumbai,Pune,Vishakapatnam .Troubleshoot and fix your computer problems

The prepaid package is available in fewer cities in India

Tata Indicom are the only company which offer prepaid broadband packages - which is useful, since most  ISPs in India do not seem to have very accurate billing software. In case of  any billing problem, your loss is limited to the value of the package you have purchased.  group company. 

Tata Indicom broadband services

Though Tata Indicom has an unlimited broadband option for 64KBPs for Rs 500 per month, many customers have reported a much higher speed - more than 128KB. You will get a higher speed if there are few users of Tata Indicom in your area. If you do not pay the bill on time, they will promptly disconnect your internet connection. So if your job involves a lot of traveling, this can be inconvenient.


Tata Indicom offers an option for their dialup customers (Total Internet)  to upgrade to Prepaid broadband. However if you have an old dishnet account (email id @eth.net ) , you will lose the email id after the upgrade. You will be assigned a new @vsnl.net  email id. There have been many complaints that Tata Indicom DSA (Direct sales agents ) have collected payment for installation, but the connection has not been installed after 3-6 months. Most of the complaints are from Delhi and Bangalore.  The reason for non-installation is that broadband  is not technically feasible in the area. Getting a refund for the initial amount paid  is often difficult. Since Direct Sales Agents are small private companies, there is no accountability.


For getting a broadband connection in Mumbai, you have to dial 67990121 (the same number as customer support for VSNL dial up) and give a request to their customer support. Their engineer will then visit your office/home and conduct a feasibility study. If it is technically feasible they will install it within 72 hours. Only an internal Ethernet card is required. You cannot utilize the remaining balance in your VSNL account if you wish to use the unlimited (64kbps) plans of  Tata Indicom, you have to purchase a prepaid limited plan.  Also the installation charges are halved (Rs 551) if you purchase a 3 month prepaid unlimited plan, instead of 1 month unlimited plan.

 Tata Indicom has recently started offering domain registration and web hosting on Windows servers. Earlier web hosting was sold through their resellers. Their rates for web hosting are very competitive and  they offer fairly high bandwidth. To order a dialup connection prepaid pack, the quality of their customer service has become poor. You will be put on hold for 15-20 minutes before you speak to a customer service representative..


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